** UPDATE: August 15, 2022 **
The ACT has passed into Law !

PVE Land Preservation Act


July 26: Council passed the Preservation Act:  4 to 1

  Council member McGowan voted against the Preservation Act

July 13: Council decided to delay the decision for at least 2 weeks.

July 12: Council will make a choice tonight on the Initiative: 

  • 1. Adopt the Measure at this meeting, or within 10 days
  • 2. Place the Measure on ballot for Nov 8, 2022; [cost omitted]
  • 3. Delay the decision until the next Council meeting (7/26) or delay to a Special Election in March 2023.

  7/11: Town Hall

  • About 130 guests with standing room only
  • Speakers: Bill Brand (statewide density), Desiree Myers (PVE Land Preservation Act) and Frank Angel (legal aspects)


  • 6/28: Signature validation completed by the County of Los Angeles.  Almost twice as many received as needed to qualify.  Also exceeded Special Election threshold (50% higher). 
  • 6/1: 2300 signatures turned into the City (in only 28 days)
  • 5/1: Initiative qualified for signatures


  • Voter approval is required to rezone open space (parkland) to residential or commercial
  • Aligns city building permit approvals to the Homes Association CC&Rs (deed restrictions)

Thank you to the volunteers:

  • 21 signature gatherers + 2 that assisted
  • 2 lawn sign runners
  • Our webmaster and videographer

All of this effort was provided by residents who volunteered their time.

Thank you to the community for your outpouring of support. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know so many of you.

Your words of encouragement and kindness made all the difference.  Thank you, everyone.

Updates will continue to be posted here on PreservePVE.org and will be sent to those that subscribe using the form page below. 


Palos Verdes Estates Ballot Initiative
Protecting Homes and Parkland

This ballot initiative provides protection for Palos Verdes Estates from forced density by aligning development to PVHA deed restrictions for protection of homes and parkland. The State has passed laws SB9 and SB10 with plans to continue to pass even more intrusive forced density laws. A local ballot initiative has additional authority to protect the natural landscape and character of Palos Verdes Estates.



Prevent Parkland development

PVHA Deed Restrictions

Align private property development to deed restrictions

Protecting Homes and Parkland
Palos Verdes Estates - PVE Land Preservation Act
Protecting Homes and Parkland

Ad paid for by The PVE Land Preservation Act Committee

What can we do?

We await signature validation from the City.

Once results are known, we will publish next



  • The community donated $23,000.   If unused funds remain after the November election, these funds will refunded based on pro-rationed amounts.   All donations and expenditures are made 100% transparent and stored on the PVE City site.   Link: https://www.pvestates.org/government/city-clerk/elections/campaign-finance
  • Checks:  Payable to:  The PVE Land Preservation Act Committee
  • Send to: Treasurer c/o Art Fine, 389 PV Dr West, PVE, CA 90274


Help us get the word out

We are a grassroots group of residents seeking to protect our city.  We will need to campaign for the November ballot initiative to provide facts to the community to get the Initiative passed.

Join us !

Questions or comments please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

State-wide ballot initiatives, like Prop 13, override the authority of the state legislature.  City-wide ballot initiatives override City Council authority.  Example: Measure E requires the $5 million in taxes be utilized for local police.  Council cannot allocate these funds to another purpose because it was passed by the voters.

  • It prevents SB9 lot splits/duplexes and SB10 apartments on residential lots by requiring staff to validate compliance with deed restrictions before issuing a building permit *
  • It prevents development of Parkland that violates deed restrictions
  • It puts constraints on future pro-density Council candidates, who may be funded by outside developers.

* Without this Initiative,  Developers can violate our Deed Restrictions, thereby placing the responsibility upon the PVHA Homes Assoc. to sue the Developers.  Residents will have to fund these lawsuits.  

Gratefully, our Council passed a policy which requires PVHA approval before a building permit is approved.  This policy can be rescinded at any time by any subsequent Council. This ballot measure requires development be aligned to the deed restrictions and can only be removed by the voters.  

Council members have spoken out against density and some have actively opposed.

One Council candidate received the second largest donation in the last election from an outside developer.  Measure PV, the school bond, received $73,000 in funding from outside developers, presumably for reciprocity, which is the common reason for special interest money to be funneled to elections.  It is legal, but it does not serve the voter.

PVE has $1.5 billion in parkland and open space.  With millions flowing to CA legislatures’ campaign chests from developers and investers, PVE needs to be protected from special interest flowing into PVE elections.

The State has been passing laws to permanently eliminate one home per lot.  SB9 and SB10 are just two examples of these laws.  This benefits investment and developers. Here is how it works: 



Here is the impact: 




No.       These projects reduce affordability of housing and give investors and developers full access to override existing zoning to transform the coastline areas of California.  These laws override CEQA environmental laws.  PVE has maintained Parkland in a pristine natural state.


Homes are monetized which impacts cost, safety and community dynamics.  Neighborhoods turn into a group of transitory rental housing units without owners with long term community ties.  Homes become less affordable as home buyers must compete with large investment firms who can afford to pay more, driving up the prices, for the long term gain of appreciation and gaining control of the rental market for that area.   Today 20% of homes are purchased by large investment firms who increases rents once they gain control of the rental market by buying up neighborhoods.  

Examples: San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver

There in a bipartisan effort to place such a proposition on the state ballot by Nov 2024.  It’s far from done.

This would amend the CA Constitution. It is led by a solid legal team with the Mayor of Redondo.   https://www.communitiesforchoice.org

Ask them to show their full support to protect our homes and parkland by supporting this Initiative.  This initiative will stop a potential future pro-density Council.


We need to partner with Council to implement  solutions that provide the maximum protection possible for our City given recent state laws.  We want to protect our land, the ecological system and our financial resources for generations to come. Now is the time to pass this Initiative while we have a Council that supports PVE.